Neuroplasticity and The PoNs Device Featured in Dr. Norman Doige’s New York Times Bestseller, “The Brain’s Way of Healing” Book Review


What a read this book was.  If you have any interest at all in Neuroplasticity then this is a must for you:

the brains way of healing book review neuroplasticity

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Here is MacLeans Magazine discussing the Dr. and his New York Times BestSeller.

I was able to finish the book yesterday and particularly enjoyed the 7th chapter, where Dr. Norman Doige discussed in great length the history behind the PoNs Device:


This device has a fascinating history which I’ll briefly break down for you here.  First you’ll need to know what it is and what it does.

The name ‘PoNs‘ as it’s called, is actually a play on words referring to a part of the brain stem called the pons.  It’s also the acronym for “Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator” and in short, it works by sending small electrical pulses directly onto the top of the tongue.

Why the tongue?  The PoNs team likes to refer to the tongue as the “royal road to the brain”.  You can activate the entire human brain directly from the tongue; and the tongue is not only the most sensitive organ in the body, it is also the only internal organ in which doctors can work on without any type of invasive surgery.  Many mammals in the animal kingdom actually use their tongues to identify items and read the terrain around them.  And let’s not forget that a human infant puts everything it can get it’s hands on into it’s mouth immediately, so that it may send signals to that child’s brain, providing all sorts of information on the object the child just picked up.

For literally thousands of years, the tongue itself has been the very crux of diagnosing ailments in almost all types of ancient medicine.  The Chinese believe that the two chi meridians, the “governing vessel” and the “central vessel” converge at the body’s tongue.  This is why some forms of meditation have you rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth; it is to “recharge” our internal operating system.

The PoNs device was born at a laboratory at the University of Wisconsin founded by the late Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita that he named the ‘Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory”.  His 3 predecessors and the 3 inventors of the PoNs are Yuri Danilov, a Russian scientist (he also stands 6′ 6″s tall and was a soldier in the soviet army).  Mitch Tyler, who’s an American biomedical engineer and Kurt Kaczmarek, an electrical engineer.

Here’s a short clip of Kim, of the very first patients to get to test this incredible device:


Some of the early work done by Dr. Paul bach-y-Rita is absolutely incredible, and the results don’t lie.  His entire theses was that the brain is plastic.  It is not a solid state organism – quite the opposite, it changes every single day.

He was the pioneer in this field of “Neuroplasticity” and would always point out that “we see with our mind, not our eyes.  We hear with our mind, not our ears.”  He argued that the eyes for example are merely just a ‘data port’ just like on your computer;

Montel Williams is an incredibly intelligent and passionate man who unfortunately is living with MS after being diagnosed in 1999.  I had the pleasure of meeting him during his last trip to Vancouver, BC to discuss just how much this device has literally changed his life.

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So what does this have to do with making some money?


Well, it just so happens that the PoNs device is owned by a company called Helius Medical Technologies.   The team that’s been assembled is truly world class, as is the advisory.  To top it off the US Army is currently doing the FDA approval for the device – a HUGE plus and hopefully a way to fast-track the process.  And this little-known company is also publicly traded and a darling of the CSE exchange in Canada, having IPO’d only one year ago at $0.50, and having last traded at $3.20.  It trades as ticker $HSM.

Peter Schiff‘s Euro Pacific Capital was also enlisted as of late, and got the company trading recently on the OTCQB as ticker $HSDT.  Is that a big deal to me?  Huge deal – that means that A) the US volume may soon come as awareness is raised and B) there’s a little-known fact that you can up-list right to the Amex and get off the OTC altogether if the stock maintains $2 or higher for a certain period of time.  So I think it’s safe to assume that this one probably has a lot more upside in the price than downside at these levels.

I’ve been lucky enough to have on the right side of a bio-tech deal such as this during a buy-out, and let me tell you, it is something special.

Here’s the chart for the US side;

Helius Medical Technologies $HSM $HSDT

Helius Medical Technologies $HSM $HSDT


And then the Canadian action dating back to January 15th of this year.  Note the nice controlled nature of this stock as it slowly creeps higher and higher in price:

Helius Medical Technologies $HSM $HSDT

Helius Medical Technologies $HSM $HSDT


I also did a short equity analysis on Helius Medical back on Feb 10th of this year;


Ultimately I suggest you read the book if you have any ailments at all, or care to learn about Neuroplasticity.   The more you learn, the more interesting it becomes.  And the fact that this particular device is now held by a public company makes it that much better.


the brains way of healing book review neuroplasticity

the brains way of healing book review neuroplasticity


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